DNA/Toxicology Testing

dna_tox Our pharmacogenomic DNA testing method provides you with a blueprint of your body’s metabolism of different medications. When your doctor knows how you will respond to certain drugs based on your genes, they can make the safest and most effective drug dose decisions. This eliminates the need for “trial and error” prescriptions, which is better for your body and saves you time and money. DNA testing allows your doctor to better treat outcomes and minimize drug toxicities and adverse reactions. This simple, pain-free test is performed by obtaining a DNA sample via a cheek swab.

Toxicology testing is utilized to determine how efficiently your kidneys are working to flush toxins from your body. This will provide your doctor with a baseline of toxicity of medications you are currently taken. Most medical facilities will request this information prior to completing any procedures. Additionally, toxicology testing can detect blood in your urine (a potential indicator of cancer) that could fly under the radar during traditional urine tests. Out of those we test, one in three have blood in their urine, which requires further testing to rule out cancer or other issues.

Both of these services are performed in-house at Woodlands Medical, where all your healthcare needs are cared for in one convenient clinic.

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